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Okay, nothing fun happened in my first day of school. Orientation sucksss =)) I also don’t have a self-portrait cause I ain’t vain :) We went to the Philippine Lung Center today to visit my aunt, she was operated there sooo yeah. We headed to Buddy’s Timog after to have our dinner. We’ve been dining there for how many times now cause we have that Quezonian blood :))))))))))

I love the interior and the lighting’s perfect ♥ You’ll have that fiesta feeling when you’re inside :) What we ate:

Pancit Hab-Hab- The most famous pancit in the town of Lucban haha It’s best eaten with vinegar on banana leaves. Yummm!! Hab-Hab is the way of eating it :)

Sisig! I’m not sure if this is pork but I think it is. PS I don’t it sisig =)))))))) But my relatives love it. They ate so much a while ago :))

I just ate fried chicken cause I was so lazy to choose. I was so sleepy that time e hahaha =)) I wasn’t able to take a picture of the porkchop steak. It looks very enticing pa naman:)) End of post!! Try to dine there! The prices are very affordable :)

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