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My set-up tonight. So far, my summer’s a bum. I’ve been stuck at home for days now and I barely go out. I have 2 weeks left before school starts! Uh yeah, I’m in college. Looking forward to next week’s trip! I’ll be out of the country for the first time yayy! 

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1 year ago on May 27, 2013 at 11:47am

Book is the most amazing thing ever created. Well, aside from food. I love everything about it, it’s whole being. I love how it sends me to another place, in a place where I never felt alone. Everything I wanted to happen is there and it let’s me travel to places without moving my feet. I never knew reading would feel this good. It seems so infinite. (87)

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As a student of a Christ-centered institution for 11 years, I can say that I have outgrown the values taught by our school and have fully developed my God-given capacities. St. Scholastica’s Academy, before long my Alma matter, taught me so much lessons that I will never forget. Good values that I will bring with me throughout my journey and will never find in any place I go. And soon that I’m entering college I will always remember and not lose consciousness of the Benedictine motto: Ora et Labora. It will remind me to offer everything I do to our Lord for His greater glory. 


I-St. Bernadette


II- St. Margaret Mary


III-St. Walburga


IV-St. Cecilia


Donna and Clarisse - my friends since Day 1(Prep)


DTMB, whom I spent most of my highschool life with +Kyra, Patrice and Andrea



And to all the great friends I made, always remember that ”a friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often- just to save it from drying out completely.” (Pam Brown) I could’ve not done it without you.


Gabay Club ‘10-‘11


Sodality of our Lady (Seniors)


It has been a tradition that the undergraduates will give a tribute to the Seniors on their last club meeting. Thank you SODA for the wonderful gifts you gave to us! :)


(c) Inna Carlos 

Cheers to us, Team S! We did an excellent job all through out :)

Goodbye and Thank you, St. Scho.

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Day 20

I spent my weekend at Eastwood! Slept at the condo last night. Today, I had lunch with the fam at T.G.I.F. for my sister’s post-birthday celebration which got postponed last week because of me. As I said, I was confined in the hospital because of dengue. Sucks. I felt a hipster-ish vibes when I got in! Marilyn Monroe, Superman, astronaut, Elvis Presley and more. Plus the bar, everything is perfect =) 


My plate!!image

We headed to BGC after! Shopped for few things then went to Mass. Happy Sunday! ♥image


Not everyone has the opportunity to complete all the colors of the sportsfest teams. I’m blessed!

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It’s almost over but I really had a blast! Spent the last day of exams with the birds at my crib! yeheybacon’s not with us though. 

We made apple pie! While waiting for it to be cooked… We sort of turned my room into a you know lol =)) loud music and pictures yea!

Na-realize ko na masarap kumain ng ice cream na straight from the tub =)) 

This looks delish!! Sobrang sarap niya as in :)) Success!!

You guys are the awesome-est!! Kahit na medyo parang na-raid yung room ko, had so much fun =))) Another Yolo night haha

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My saturday in photos

I spent that day how I want my any day to be. Watched the special screening of October Baby and it was great!! It depicts real life situations and make you realize that every life is beautiful :) Plus Rachel Hendrix is also beautiful!! I love her hair ♥

I ate Chicago Flame Dog’s Hungarian Sausage with cheese. It’s so yummyyyyy I want more. No picture though :(

I also found out a new shop! They sell amazing accessories so I highly recommend it :bd

New arm candies!! yay! 

Passed by a thrift shop on the way home and I saw this! 

Happy kid!!! hihi I don’t have money anymoreeeeee :(( =))))


Bonfire ‘12

So I went to the Bonfire last night. It was epic! Ateneo has the greatest bands ever. They really make the awesome-est music.

I started the night lining up to buy the championship shirt. I spent 2 hours okay. But it was worth it. I had fun sight seeing alone =) Solong solo ko lol! Then I went straight backstage to see the bands closer.

The Ateneo Blue Eagles!


I was at the other side so I just took picture of the screen. image

I suck at fireworks. I really don’t know how to take a good shot on this. imageimage

Yael Yuzon of Spongecola singing PUSO.imageimage

I love you Miggy. You’re so cute :( =))imageimage

Kiefer Ravena! =)imageimage

Rico Blanco is too awesome for my life. imageimage

Never the Strangers! Last band for my night.imageimage

Give credits to the camera man! =))image

Went home at 1:30 but I slept at 4:15. Fun night! 

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I brought my camera in school yesterday :) It was supposed to be for our CIVAC class but I used it for PE time instead because my PE teacher got 30 mins of CIVAC.

Photodump!! Volleyball Practical Test :bd



OMG I feel like a varsity player =)) haha!


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Fleur de lis

My face in your dash guysss! sorry =) Changed my facebook picture to this.

Went to mass a while ago. Outfit post! Teehee =))


and my dirty keds =) lol

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You’ve been an inspiration to everyone. You have a big and kind heart. We’ll miss you Dan >:)< 


I’m currently making palancas for my classmates for our retreat on Thursday!! Stoked!! :)


(c) BamBam Paz

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Instagram photos! Last week was very hectic even though we didn’t have classes so I wasn’t able to update much. Re-arranged my room last monday, won 3rd place in the Sabayang Pagbigkas and watched DLSU-ADMU game. Very happy kid indeed! I even made ice-blended mocha awhile ago :) Yumyum! ACET day is approaching so I’m starting to study. I really want to ace that hahaha



August is a lazy month. Lots of suspensions and no classes +++++EXAMS!!! It’s killing me :( Ipapaubaya ko nalang ang lahat sa Panginoon :))

My snack awhile ago. I keep on eating and now my throat hurts :(

I’m currently doing my timeline in health. Then study for AA LT tomorrow. I’m gonna blow soon. THIS IS MENTAL ABUSE. Good thing we don’t have classes on Aug. 9 & 10!! :>


I was supposed to post this yesterday.  PH is now submerged in water. Pray for the Philippines guys!!

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